Thursday, August 20, 2009

Press Release: No ulterior motive

The Bar Council is a statutory body established under the Legal Profession Act 1976 (LPA) “for the proper management of the affairs of the Malaysian Bar and for the proper performance of its functions”. It is responsible for all matters pertaining to the admission and regulation of advocates and solicitors in Peninsular Malaysia.

The Bar Council issued its press release entitled “Clarification regarding Rohaizat Othman” on 18 August 2009 in response to media inquiries on the matter. We regret the statement made by the Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, implying that the Bar Council had an ulterior motive in raising this issue.

The decision to strike Rohaizat Othman off the Roll of Advocates and Solicitors was made by the Disciplinary Board, an independent body established under Section 93 of the LPA. Members of the Disciplinary Board, which is currently chaired by Tan Sri Khalid Ahmad bin Sulaiman, are appointed by the Chief Judge of Malaya after consultation with the Bar Council.

The Bar Council is authorised to speak on behalf of the Disciplinary Board on matters relating to disciplinary proceedings involving advocates and solicitors.

George Varughese
Malaysian Bar

20 August 2009

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